Eye, Skin & Other Tissues

Tissue & Body Donation

Donations of vital organs can only be done if a person is in a hospital at the time of brain death, but if someone you know has died at home or anywhere outside of a hospital, it is still possible to donate the corneas, skin, heart valves and other tissues. It is also possible to make a full body donation.

Eye Donation

In the case of eye donation, call the central eye bank number or that of an eye bank near where you live and they will come and take the corneas with the least amount of hassle for the family. The whole process takes 5-10 minutes. If you do take the trouble to donate eyes, you’ll be proud to know that two people who suffer from corneal blindness, will be now able to see, thanks to the generous donation.

These are some important things to take care of in order to make a successful eye donation after death.

  • Call the nearest eye bank within six hours of death.
  • Switch off the fans and keep AC on if possible
  • Close the eye lids and keep a moist cloth over the eyes.
  • The head should be slightly raised with a pillow.
  • Addresses & Phone Numbers For Eye Donation
  • Body Donation

Addresses & Phone Numbers For Eye Donation can be found here.