Aman’s Gift

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Aman's Gift
My child lives. Just not with me. Mamta Jain writes about the day her life changed forever.

A Medal of Honor

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A Medal of Honor
Parth Gandhi’s story is not one you hear every day. It is a story woven by sacrifice, selflessness and hope.


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It was the 11th day of my fellowship with YES Foundation which had given me this huge opportunity to be placed with ORGAN India for a couple of months. While still unsure of what my new task would entail
Despite having gone through a terrible ordeal, her parents agreed to donate Surbhi’s organs. “My child was gone. There was nothing else to do. We said Yes instantly.” Because that’s what Surbhi would have wanted.

The Second Opinion

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The Second Opinion
When mum refused to accept my kidney donation, the fear of her death haunted us. I believe her worry that no one would marry me if I donated, is a direct result of misconceptions and lack of awareness on organ donation.

Keep the faith… always

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As a patient of End Stage Kidney Disease, I have no idea what I am supposed to be undergoing. I undergo procedures about which no one has time to explain. Things happen…desperation takes over...and I’m shaken to the core.
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