Sunayana Arora Singh

Chief Executive Officer

ORGAN India Sunayana Arora Singh serves as the CEO of ORGAN (Organ Receiving and Giving Awareness Network) India. She co-founded ORGAN India as an initiative of the Parashar Foundation in 2013. She represents ORGAN India at various platforms and under her leadership ORGAN India has been twice felicitated by the National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO), MoHFW for its commitment to the cause.

She is responsible for strategic planning in the organization, guiding the team and providing leadership in all projects of ORGAN India. She is a powerful orator and has spread awareness regarding organ donation to thousands of people, old and young. Working with school children is something she enjoys the most.

A mother of two, she is a former journalist and has worked at Newstrack, Aaj Tak and Newslaundry. Her dedication and persistence to the cause has brought ORGAN India to the forefront.

Aprajita Verma

Chief Operating Officer

Aprajita Verma is a service delivery professional with over 15 years’ experience managing CSR Portfolios, Banks and Training. A strong service delivery professional she is serving ORGAN India as a Chief Operating Officer.

Aprajita is responsible for managing day to day operations working closely with key stakeholders to serve organizational needs by stating clear goals, outlining a strategic plan for achieving those goals and equipping and empowering each member to take action on the plan at the organizational, team and individual levels.

An artist at heart and a mother of two loves to spend time with family and strongly believes that life is all about relationships.

Dr. Sourabh Sharma

Manager – Projects & Outreach

Dr. Sourabh Sharma has been working with ORGAN India since June 2014, handling various big projects. He is responsible for outreach, project implementation, radio, research, administrative tasks, and overall team management. He brings to ORGAN India his interpersonal skills and his knack of effortlessly connecting with the masses. Dr Sourabh also manages the ORGAN India’s 24-hour helpline and through that he helps coordinate eye, skin and organ donations across the country.

He graduated in Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery and worked for 2 years as a Medical Officer in Bhopal. He later completed Masters in Hospital Administration from Amity University, before joining ORGAN India. He is a keen photographer and enjoys singing.


Project Associate

Deepak has been working with ORGAN India for 3 years and is an indispensable part of the Team. He is responsible for all the updates on our online resources such as the Transplant Guide and Body Donation Directory. He is also in-charge of registering the donor pledges we receive and ensuring that donor cards are created to be delivered to those who signed up.

Mohd. Arbaz

Project Associates

Arbaz has worked with ORGAN India for the past two years. He is responsible for registering all the donor pledges that we receive, creating the donor cards and certificates, and ensuring that they reach all those who have pledged on the website. His hard work and dedication is instrumental to the success of our Program.

Swayamjit Roy


Swayamjit is studying law and has been working with ORGAN India since April 2021. He is a host of the Podcast 'New Beginnings' and is responsible for the editing and uploading of our content on Youtube and other platforms. He is a jack of all trades and is an extremely hardworking person who we can be relied upon to ensure that any work given to him is done in record time!

Kavita Puri Arora

Graphics & Creative Consultant, ORGAN India

Kavita Puri Arora is a Graphic Designer working in collaboration with ORGAN India since our inception. Kavita has been instrumental in designing and creating our diverse range of collateral from children’s booklets to ads, creating and initiating campaigns and managing our events.

Her work has focused around graphic design for print and social media as well as Project Management for arts and cultural organizations based in Delhi. She has worked with organizations as varied as First City Magazine, HarperCollins Publishers India, BBC World Service Trust, British Council, Population Foundation of India and the Swiss Arts Council. She is a mother of two and considers her two children her most important projects!