Our Ambassadors for Organ Donation

We are immensely thankful to our Ambassadors for Organ Donation who have taken up this cause because of the abundant kindness in their hearts. They have gone out of the way to tirelessly support us in our mission to sensitize a diverse audience on organ donation and transplantation through talks and events. They are an integral part of our team and we appreciate their invaluable contribution and dedication towards the social cause of organ donation.

Anita Singh

Anita Singh is closely associated with ORGAN India as an Ambassador for Organ Donation to promote and create awareness around the subject. As one of the most experienced and applauded Crew Members of Air India, her organization enthusiastically embraced her proposal to include organ donation as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility Program of Air India. She conducts talk sessions at Airline Training Venues, addressing and motivating a wide cross-section of employees working with Air India.

Her Mantra is simple: “There are people who will think that it’s the best thing in the world to do; we just need to reach out to them and let them know their options.” We are fortunate to have Anita associated with us. Her exuberance and dedication to the cause has gone a long way in sensitizing the public about organ donation.

Mamta Agarwal

In the whole process of living organ donation, the journey of both organ donor and organ recipient has its own paths. The voice of a living organ donor is seldom heard. It is because of this that Mamta Agarwal shares her inspiring story with the world. A mother of two beautiful children, she donated a kidney to her father and saved his life when he needed the most.

When she was awoken by doctors who told her that the transplant was successful, she had mixed feelings. She was happy to have saved her father, but in pain because of the surgery. Apart from the physical pain there came the emotional conundrum. There was opposition from various quarters. A friend told her how any transplant is more a social disease and brings a lot of challenges for the whole family.

To counter these myths, misconceptions and taboos, Mamta has been associated with ORGAN India to promote organ donation so that no one would have to go through what she and her family did. Apart from running a successful business as a fashion designer, she spends a lot of time for the cause of organ donation motivating everyone she comes across to be an organ donor. We are blessed and proud to have her as our Ambassador for Organ Donation.

Karhun Nanda

Karhun is a passionate sportsman and represented India in the World Transplant Games 2019 in Golf. As the CEO of Safeview, he has created a company policy for all the employees to sign up for organ donation if they wish to. He has actively promoted organ donation in his Alma Mater, The Scindia School, to encourage students to learn about organ donation and motivate the elders to take the pledge.

His son Armaan is also an active campaigner in promoting awareness on organ donation and transplantation, and has a handle called DO (Donate Organs) on social media. Post his heart transplant four years ago, Karhun has dedicated himself to the cause of organ donation & its awareness and works closely with ORGAN India as an Ambassador for Organ Donation.

Kannika Jain

Kannika’s father gifted her a kidney 7 years ago. Ever since then, she has not looked back. Post-transplant she gave birth to a son and took her career forward as a therapist, counsellor & a healing practitioner. She lives with her husband and son in Delhi, shuffling between her mother duties and a devout therapist for those in need. She has decided to help other transplant patients and their families cope with their journeys through proper guidance and support.

Kannika contributes regularly to our blogs, speaks with patients who need help, and helps us manage our Helpline – one of the most important aspects of our work. We are grateful to have her as an Ambassador for Organ Donation.

Mary Halder

Mary is a proud mother of a three year old girl. From being diagnosed partially blind to helping her daughter with her school projects now, after a successful cornea transplant - life has come a full circle for her. Complications from her childhood injury hampered her dreams, forcing her to quit her job and to retreat into her own shell with hopelessness. However, with the help of a right doctor and diagnosis, she got a cornea transplant and hence her vision, life and independence back.

Since then, there’s no stopping her, she has been pursuing her dreams, is a doting mother and wife, and has been creating awareness around organ and eye donation wholeheartedly. We are proud to have her as an Ambassador for Organ Donation.