Gurgaon Ki Awaaz 107.8 FM, District Gurugram, Haryana

2019 marked the beginning of ORGAN India’s entry into the world of Community Radio! Our Team at ORGAN India has over the past year, recorded, edited and aired more than 48 shows for various radio stations across the country.

We are overjoyed to be reaching out to lakhs of people across India through this unique programme. A melodious jingle by singer Sonam Kalra has been conceptualized for the radio show. We have had a year of exciting and informative radio shows under the following headings.

  • General information related to Organ, Tissue and Body Donation.
  • Donor family interviews and Recipient stories of success and survival.
  • Interviews with experts and stakeholders in various fields of transplantation such as kidney, liver, heart etc. Top Doctors are interviewed.
  • Prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases and end stage organ failure etc.

In March 2019, we tied up with NGO The Restoring Force, to broadcast these shows on their Community Radio Station Gurgaon Ki Awaaz Samudayik Radio in District Gurugram. This Community Radio Project has been conceived as a part of a mass awareness campaign in Haryana on Organ, Tissue and Body Donation for the year 2020-21. As a part of our MoU with District Administration of Gurguram, this Community Radio show is one of the first steps to sensitize people on the subject.

Gurgaon Ki Awaaz is the only civil society community radio station in the National Capital Region of India, broadcasting continuously 22 hours a day since 2009. The station is a platform for the diverse voices and communities of Gurgaon, with a special emphasis on voices left out of the mainstream media narrative.

4 news shows are aired monthly. The broadcast timing for the new show each week is Friday 10:30am, and repeat is on Friday 9:30 pm & Sunday 3 pm. We will be broadcasting our show here for the year 2020-21.

Gurgaon Ki Awaaz has 46,000 unique listenership over the internet as per data provided from streaming data provider. This figure went up by 61% since the beginning of lockdown in March 2019. It also has an estimated listenership of 5,00,000 on FM Radio. The station has over 20,000 unique callers calling into their studio lines over a year (data from Gramvaani, their mobile telephony and broadcast tech partners). Assuming that for every 25 listeners, 1 will call into the studio to participate in on-air shows or to record a message, that extrapolates to over 5 lakh listeners.

We are grateful to Ms. Arti Jaiman, Station Director, Gurgaon Ki Awaaz, for her tremendous support, and to Ms. Sharmila Sharma for all her help.

To listen to the station in Gurgaon, tune into 107.8 FM inside their footprint. Or download the Simple Radio app and search “Gurgaon”. You can listen to the show on this link: