Webinar on organ donation with Rotary Club Alwar on 10th Aug, 2021

Rotary Club, district 3053, city of Alwar invited ORGAN India to conduct a webinar on organ donation on 10th Aug 2020, Ms Sunayana Singh conducted this webinar from ORGAN India Team, Ms. Sunayana Singh is the CEO of ORGAN India, she explained various aspects related to organ donation through a presentation and few documentaries, she also explained that how can be these social clubs contribute to spread the cause.

Ms. Singh explained that only brain dead patient can donated vital organs and the number of brain dead declared patients are so less and if their family members will say no to organ donation then there will be zero availability of the lifesaving organs. By creating awareness and bursting myths related to brain death and organ donation can increase numbers of donated organs and can save so many lives.  Around 60 people attended the webinar.

A special thanks to Mr. Harish Gaur (District Governor) and Mr. Rajesh Agarwal (District President) Rotary Club, Alwar City, Rajasthan.