Research Paper Abstract for Helpline at NATCO, Kochi, October 2021

The ORGAN India Team presented two research papers at the 14th Annual International Conference of NATCO, held under the aegis of the 31st Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Organ Transplantation (ISOT2021), held at Kochi on October 7th through 10th, 2021. Jasneet Kaur, Project Manager, ORGAN India, researched and presented the paper.

The abstract paper on our helpline is titled “Understanding the current organ donation scenario in India: A post-COVID-19 analysis of calls received on ORGAN India’s 24-hour Helpline.” The paper was incredibly well received and appreciated by the entire transplant community, which now understands what information is not available to the public.
ORGAN India has a dedicated 24-hour helpline that receives calls from across India. We provide information to the public regarding the process of pledging organs, address queries regarding organ-specific transplant processes, and coordinate donations.

Objective was to do an analysis of helpline calls to understand the post Covid-19 organ donation scenario – information available to the public about organ donation and transplants, to identify the existing gaps, and how the stakeholders can step in to fill the existing information gap.
The quantitative and qualitative analysis of the data from the helpline calls was conducted by our team from over 2600 calls received over a period of three months, from March 2020 to September 2021.

The study concludes that there is a growing need for more mass awareness initiatives in the country regarding organ donation and transplants, both at the hospital level and at the public level.