ORGAN India & Team Insaaf Gather
25000 Pledges

The ORGAN India was Ludhiana in March 2016 to train counsellors and volunteers of “TEAM INSAAF” on organ donation. TEAM INSAAF is a social organization lead by MLA S. Simarjeet Singh Bains in Ludhiana, Punjab to work for welfare and prosperity of people in Punjab.

After the training, TEAM INSAAF took it upon themselves to collect as many pledges as possible and spread awareness in all parts of Ludhiana and beyond on organ donation. It took them less than 3 weeks to reach out the very generous people of Ludhiana and raise awareness on organ donation. ORGAN India was there to provide proper training, material and encouragement to volunteers of TEAM INSAAF who will then went out into the community and spread the work and removed apprehensions about organ donation in the mind of the general public.

We are proud to announce that after our engaging session and training to volunteers from TEAM INSAAF in Ludhiana at the beginning of this month, an astounding 25000 organ donation pledges were collected on 23rd of March, 2016, to mark the martyrdom day of S. Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev.

A special thanks to S Simarjeet Singh Bains and S Balwinder Singh Bains, MLAs from Ludhiana and leaders of TEAM INSAAF for their efforts towards the cause.

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