ORGAN India at talk show- ‘Zindagi with
Mohsin Khan’ on Prime News

Ms Sunayana Singh, CEO, ORGAN India was invited to be a part of a talk show, ‘Zindagi with Mohsin Khan’ which was aired on Prime News on January 7, 2018. The theme of the talk was ‘Angdaan Mahadaan’.

The other participants of the talk were Dr Vimal Bhandari, Director, NOTTO, Dr Muneet Kaur Sahi, Program Manager, Mohan Foundation, Sangeeta Seh-rawat, Chief Coordinator, NOTTO & Social Welfare Officer and Dr Vishal Rastogi, Cardiologist, Fortis Escort Heart Institute.

Sunayana talked about the need for widespread aware-ness about organ donation in the country, especially through the school curriculum. She also highlighted the responsibility of each one of us to educate ourselves about organ donation, and spread the word around us as well!

Watch the full video at: