IEC installation at various CHCs and PHCs in Rohtak Dist.

As part of Angdaan Yojana of the government of Haryana and as a part of ORGAN India, Parashar Foundation’s MoU with the District Administration of Rohtak, we covered more than 15 Community Health Centers & Public Healthcare Centers. Through these CHCs and PHCs, we will reach lakhs of people through the year and raise awareness about organ and tissue donation to the rural public. We are confident that this will bring positive changes in the minds of people on the noble cause of organ and tissue donation. These posters not only raise awareness but help to counter misconceptions on organ donation. Below is the list of various CHCs and PHCs which we have covered.
CHC Chiri
CHC Kalhanaur
CHC Kiloi
CHC Meham
CHC Sampla
PHC Baland
PHC Baniyani
PHC Behlba
PHC Bhalaut
PHC Ghilore Kalan and Khurd
PHC Girawar
PHC Karontha
PHC Lakhan Majra
PHC Madina
PHC Mokhra
PHC Pakasma
PHC Samar Gopalpur
PHC Sanghi