Deloitte Impact Day

The awareness session in Deloitte was followed up by an extremely successful sign-up drive on November 29, 2013 at Cyber Hub in Gurgaon. As a part of their impact day, 20 Deloitteers headed by Sandeep Narula. Along with the Organ Receiving and Giving Awareness Network (ORGAN) India – an initiative by The Parashar Foundation and our partners, the MOHAN Foundation, Delhi-NCR, the Deloitte team manned the kiosks and spread awareness to people who were interested.

This CSR activity was a part of “Deloitte Impact Day” which is celebrated every year, supporting social causes and sharing the corporate platform to spread messages.

Members of ORGAN India along with the MOHAN Foundation manned the two information desks at the newly built Cyber hub at Gurgaon, which is now one of the busiest corporate centers in Delhi-NCR. This provided an opportunity for healthy interaction and on-the-spot sign up activity. 20 Deloitte India volunteers assisted and gathered office-goers, encouraging them to know more about organ donation. The volunteers directed the crowd to the helpdesk, where Ms. Sunayana Singh from ORGAN India, Dr Muneet Sahi, Dr Sourabh Sharma and Amit Kumar from the MOHAN Foundation briefed them on Organ donation, and why they all should pledge their organs.

The donor forms were filled for interested people and they were sensitized on matters such as brain death and importance of family consensus. Many apprehensions were addressed and this positive interaction resulted in many sign ups. Two of them even gave their business cards for future talks in their respective offices.

More than 100 donor cards were signed up between 9.30 am to 3 pm.