Dance for Kindness

ORGAN India in collaboration with Those In Need organized a Flash Mob/Freeze Mob as a unique way of spreading awareness about Organ Donation. The event was hosted on 25th November, 2018 at Pacific Mall, New Delhi as a run-up to India’s 9th National Organ Donation Day.

The Dance For Kindness, an annual worldwide flash mob kicking off World Kindness Week, was organized by Those In Need and Life Vest Inside in collaboration with ORGAN India, an initiative of the NGO Parashar Foundation with ORGAN India being the knowledge partners for the event. This year, Organ Donation was taken up as the theme for the event.

Dance for Kindness is a celebration of the common thread that unites us all – kindness! This year 500+ participants joined the event in order to create awareness around Organ Donation, myths and facts related to Organ Donation and the process to take pledge to be an organ donor, thus raising awareness about Organ Donation in Delhi through Dance for Kindness.

With an Organ Donation rate of 0.86 per million population, India’s Organ Donation rate is one of the lowest in the world. Thus, there is a dire need to initiate a discussion around the cause and increase the awareness among citizens about the current scenario of Organ Donation in India.

Max Hospital Shalimar Bagh, India’s leading name in the healthcare industry had also joined hands with Those In Need to support them in their biggest flash mob.

The volunteers registered themselves to dance on the event page and showed support to the cause of organ donation through their dance moves by sharing it on different social media platforms and thus supporting the cause nevertheless.

Abhishek Saini, co-founder of Those In Need, who is a proud organ donor himself, shared, “There is a dire need of engaging youth for spreading awareness around Organ Donation as they are the future torchbearers. The idea of making people aware about Organ Donation with a tinge of dance will help spread the word about Organ Donation, the noblest act of kindness, loud & clear.”

Anika Parashar, Founder Trustee of ORGAN India and the Parashar Foundation said, “My mother the Late Mrs. Kirti Parashar who passed away in early November, was a recipient of a heart transplant. We are forever grateful that she lived for a fulfilling 5 years after her transplant. My brother, my children and I are extremely grateful to the donor family to be able to have those 5 years with her. I want everyone to know that organ donation gives people a second life and it costs us nothing – just a Yes when families are asked if they want to donate their loved one’s organs.”

Participants came from different parts of the city, from different walks of life, including children from several NGOs, college students, and people, all coming together to embrace the positivity and kindness in them through Freeze Mob and Flash Mob at the Dance for Kindness with the message –

One Day, One Dance, One Message! Pledge Your Organs – Save Lives!