Campaign with JK Masale in Eastern India – Ang Daan – Ek Naya Jeevan in on 16th July – 16th August 2021

ORGAN India is proud to announce its first-ever campaign in Eastern India, Ang Daan – Ek Naya Jeevan, in collaboration with J.K. Masale, to promote awareness of the importance of organ donation and help those in dire need of an organ transplant.

We are extremely happy that a big company like J.K. Masale has taken up our cause. We are also delighted that someone of the stature of Priyanka Sarkar (a Tollywood actress) came forward and was the face of the month-long impactful campaign that started on July 16, 2021.

We Painted the city of Kolkata blue
The campaign established its presence in Kolkata, West Bengal, with over 400 hoardings to raise awareness on organ donation, standees in J.K. Masale retail shops, and a message in J.K. Masale orders sent to people all over India for the duration of the campaign, as well as a host of influencers supporting the cause. Gratitude to J.K. Masale for this amazing and far-reaching campaign that touched lakhs of people.