Awareness Session with Rotaract Club of Medicrew on 28th & 29th Aug 2020.

The Rotaract Club Of Medicrew charter, a Non – Profit Organisation consisting of medical, dental and physiotherapy students from all over India held two sessions held in collaboration by ORGAN India on the 28th of August, 2020. CEO ORGAN India, Ms. Sunayana Singh and Advisor ORGAN India, Ms. Trilly Rachael Mathew took two different sessions. Approximately 50 members attended both.

As an organization of medical students, they recognize the importance of Organ donation and wanted to clear all their doubts the procedure and the various myths surrounding it.

Session 1

The club felt that there is a lack of understanding of the issue within the medical community on Myths and Facts about Organ Donation; Procedure of Organ Donation; Organ Transplant; How to convince a relative to consider Organ Donation. This was taken up in the first session with Ms. Sunayana Singh.

Session 2

As medical students they wanted to know more about the procedure, Medicolegal aspect (Rights of the family of the deceased, Procedure); Confidentiality of the organ donor; and Organ trafficking. This session was taken by Ms. Trilly Rachael Mathew who gave the students and insight into the world of transplantation and the challenges faced by the medical community.

Many thanks to Zeal Mithani and Khushboo Panchal are Professional Development Directors & Co-founders of Rotaract Club of Medicrew.