Sorabh Pant’s Pledge

Pledging your organs is a simple procedure. Just fill out our online form and we will send you your donor card within two weeks. You must remember that at the moment, registering as a donor does not mean that your donor card is a legal entity. It is merely an expression of your wish to be a donor. The card that we will send you does not carry any legal weight. But do keep it with you at all times and make sure you let all you friends and family know about your choice.

At the moment in India, legally, it is your next of kin who will decide whether to donate your organs or not. Even if you have pledged your organs, no donation will happen unless the next of kin gives the go ahead. Therefore when you do register anywhere to be an organ donor, it’s very important that you discuss your wish to donate with your family. This is to enable your family to carry out your wishes in case the need arises.

organ donation pledge