Heart Transplants – What Really Happens


This blogpost is a forum to encourage and promote dialogue on organ donation and transplantation in India. It is a platform for all concerned stakeholders to express their opinions, concerns and future strategies on the organ donation and transplantation environment across India. Doctors, NGO's, donor families and recipients are all contributing to the blog.


  1. Manohar lal Nihalani · November 13, 2015 Reply

    Donors card not received . Please send to me and oblige.

  2. A Road Less Travelled - Heart Transplant & LVADs - · October 15, 2019 Reply

    […] On July 31st, late in the night, I got a call that a heart might become available at another city hospital. At this hospital, a young man had tragically died following an accident, and his family members had very generously agreed to donate his organs. While my team at Max, Saket retrieved the heart and brought the organ to our hospital, the patient was quickly prepared for the surgery by the team. Once retrieved from a brain-dead patient, the heart has to be transplanted with-in a very tight window of four hours. After a successful heart transplant, the patient is doing well. Related Link for Heart Transplant […]

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