What potential organ recipients need to know

It is important for recipients, who are in need of a transplant, to be aware of what is the entire process.
1. The recipient is identified by a hospital as someone who needs an organ/tissue transplant.
2. The recipient’s medical profile and details are verified by the Transplant Coordinator and the recipient undergoes the required tests.
3. Once the recipient is deemed fit for transplant, he/she is placed on a waiting list of the hospital in which they are seeking treatment. This will be a Hospital which has a license to conduct transplants. They will then wait until they are called by the Hospital in case an organ becomes available. A suitable donor is identified based on medical compatibility with the recipient.

Anyone looking for Transplant Hospitals in India can visit our Pan-India Transplant Guide for more information on the following link http://www.organindia.org/transplant-guide-directory/

Recipients should keep a few things in mind when awaiting a transplant. They should fully comply with the hospital’s requests for information; lack of coordination or hesitance to share information with the hospital may delay the identification of a donor. A positive attitude will also help recipients endure the time they spend on the waiting list.

Unfortunately, the waiting time is long in India due to lack of deceased organ donors. This time-period may vary, from a few months to a few years.