How long can an organ survive inside and outside the body in a Deceased Organ Donation?

A deceased organ donor is kept on a ventilator after he or she has been declared brain-dead until the organs can be retrieved. A Brain stem Dead person’s organs may stay alive for a varied time period; this period may range from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. The longer it takes to retrieve them, the more they will deteriorate inside the body. Therefore, the entire process has to be quick, and families need to be able to make their decision soon.
Once the organs have been retrieved, they have a very short shelf-life and need to be transplanted immediately or at the earliest.
Heart & Lungs: 4-6 hours
Liver – 6-12 hours
Kidneys – 24-48 hours
Intestine – 6 hours
Pancreas – 6 hours
No payment is made to the donor family, and the recipient is not charged for the organs though the recipient has to pay the transplantation costs of the hospital. As soon as the family gives consent for organ donation, all billing for the donor family thereafter stops from that time and is taken care of by the hospital.