What is involved in the process of Organ Donation?

Living Donation Process

1. The donor undergoes the medical tests and evaluations to check his or her medical compatibility with the recipient.
2. The donor’s medical compatibility is confirmed by a doctor, only after which a transplant may take place.
3. The donor’s organs are surgically retrieved and stored in special chemical solutions until they can be transplanted.
4. The donor’s body is surgically closed.
5. The donor may have to stay under medical care for a few days after organ retrieval has occurred.

Deceased Donation Process

1. The donor, who is a victim of a fatal injury to the head, or had CVA or Brain Haemorrage is declared brain stem dead by a board of medical experts in a hospital.
2. Consent from the donor’s family is obtained before the process of organ procurement is carried out. In the interim, the donor’s maintenance is managed by Intensivists till the retrieval of the organs.
3. A suitable recipient(s) for the organ(s) is identified from the waiting list and notified.
4. Once retrieval has taken place, the donor’s body is released to the family.