ORGAN India is an initiative of the Parashar Foundation and is fully supported by the Vijaya Gujaral Foundation.

The Parashar Foundation

Parashar Foundation was formed in 2005 by Late Ashok Parashar, in the memory of his late mother Damyanti Parashar, with the philanthropy of ‘doing for the others’.

The main objective of Parashar Foundation has been providing healthcare to the needy, educating and improving the fate of the poor, under-privileged and general population, for serving humanity and for the well-being of the people in general.

Since 2013, the Foundation has started working on creating awareness on Organ Donation under ORGAN (Organ Receiving & Giving Awareness Network) India. Through OR-GAN India, the Parashar Foundation has aspired to remedy the shortage of organ donors, and endeavor to create an ecosystem to facilitate organ donation in India. The key is to educate the public about organ donation and introduce them to the idea in every way and through various mediums and platforms.

Kirti Parashar

Chief Trustee, Parashar Foundation

Kirti Parashar is the Chief Trustee of the Parashar Foundation. She is the wife of Late Ashok Parashar who set up the Parashar Foundation in 2005 to help the needy and for the general well-being of society.

Kirti Parashar suffered from restrictive cardiomyopathy, and in 2012 she was advised to undergo a heart transplant. She had a successful heart transplant in Chennai in December 2013. To give back to the community for all the blessings she received, the Organ Receiving & Giving Awareness Network (ORGAN) India was setup as an initiative of the Parashar Foundation.

Under her guidance, ORGAN India spreads awareness on organ and body donation across India in schools, colleges, institutions. It also guides and helps transplant patients to get the help that they need.

Anika Parashar

Trustee, Parashar Foundation

Anika Parashar is the trustee of Parashar Foundation, and co-founder of ORGAN India. She inherits values of philanthropy and generosity from her family, and has been responsible for the vision and birth of ORGAN India.

Anika has over 15 years of work experience with organizations like Fortis Healthcare Ltd., Mahindra & Mahindra, The National Childbirth Trust, BSKYB, Channel 4 and Old World Hospitality. She has been creating innovative brands in Women care and Women’s Health in India for the past decade: Mom & Me - Mahindra Retail, Mamma Mia - Fortis Healthcare.

She has now taken on the role of Chief Operating Officer, La Femme, Fortis Healthcare to build a chain of Women and Child hospitals across India for Fortis providing clinical excellence, superlative healthcare solutions and to create an organization focused on providing opportunities for women to increase their presence in the corporate landscape.

Vidur Parashar

Trustee, Parashar Foundation

Vidur Parashar is the Trustee of Parashar Foundation and is based in New Delhi. He graduated from the University of London in Management Studies.

Vidur is very active in the sporting community, and has launched many food & beverage ventures as a chef/owner.

The Vijaya Gujral Foundation

The Vijaya Gujral Foundation is a Public Charitable Trust which was founded in April, 1988, by Dr. (Smt.) Vimla V. Gujral, in the memory of her husband Shri Vijaya Kumar Gujral. Since its inception the Foundation has helped people with medical bills, education, preventive health care, Balwadis, mobile creches, income generating programmes for women, health, hygiene & development work at a re-settlement colony, amongst a myriad of other projects.

Two of its trustees Ms. Kirti Parashar and the Late Medha Gujral Jalota have undergone heart transplants. Realising the lack of information available on organ donation and transplantation & the need for spreading awareness on organ dona-tion, the Vijaya Gujral Foundation was inspired to support ORGAN India in its mission. As of 2017, the bulk of the Foundation’s funds now go towards supporting ORGAN India.

Kushla Sahgal

Trustee Vijaya Gujral Foundation

Kushla Sahgal the Trustee of Vijaya Gujral Foundation, divides her time between Delhi and Chandigarh. She has been a regular Blood Donor her entire life and has been contributing to EWS students in a School in Chandigarh. She Graduated from Delhi School of Planning and Architecture.

Kirti Parashar

Trustee, Vijaya Gujral Foundation

Kirti Parashar is also the Trustee of the Vijaya Gujral Foundation.

She suffered from restrictive cardiomyopathy, and in 2012 she was advised to undergo a heart transplant. She had a successful heart transplant in Chennai in December 2013.

Her personal struggle and journey has been the inspiration for trustees of Parashar Foundation and Vijaya Gujral Foundation to support the cause of organ donation.

Eeda Gujral Chopra

Trustee, Vijaya Gujral Foundation

Eeda Gujral Chopra serves as the Trustee of Vijaya Gujral Foundation.

She is a Delhi-based social worker with a keen interest in cinema and art. She graduated from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University.

She also serves as the Chief Advisor to ORGAN India and has been instrumental in furthering the cause.

Aryaman Jalota

Trustee, Vijaya Gujral Foundation

Aryaman Jalota is the Trustee of Vijaya Gujral Foundation. He is a student at Princeton University, whose passion for causes begins with ORGAN India. His late mother, Ms Medha Jalota, who suffered from terminal heart and kidney disease, inspired him to assist his family in spreading the word of awareness regarding organ donation.

He has helped build organizations focused on technology education, disease aid and corporate sustainability consulting.